Romtec, Inc.


Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for all types of applications. We are architects, engineers, manufacturers, and contractors. Our process begins by designing a building that is particular to the needs of each customer. Then, Romtec provides the complete building plan sets and specifications for customer approval. Each project can then be sent out to bid or purchased directly. Finally, Romtec manufactures and supplies the complete building to be constructed by the contractor or by Romtec as a “turnkey” project.

Contract Information

Cooperative NameKY AEPA
Contract NamePlayground and Recreation Structures
Contract NumberAEPA Bid 019.5.B
Lead AgencyGRREC
Contract Term01/01/2020 - 05/31/2024
CategoriesOther AEPA Suppliers
Playground & Recreational Equipment

Supplier Information
Address18240 North Bank Road
Roseburg, Oregon 97470