Konica Minolta


Today’s classroom is no longer static—it’s responsive, dynamic and live-streaming. Konica Minolta helps students learn through state-of-the-art interactive classroom technology, IT services, multifunction products and 3D printers that bring ideas to life in ways we never thought possible. Stimulating students and giving them the power to learn, imagine, create, experiment, dream … and excel.

It’s just another way that Konica Minolta gives shape to your ideas—and taps the full potential inside every classroom.

For AEPA pricing, visit us at http://kmbs.konicaminolta.us/kmbs/microsites/aepa/detail/kentucky

Contract Information

Cooperative NameKY AEPA
Contract NameAEPA Bid 021.C
Contract NumberAEPA Bid 021.C
Contract Term02/27/2015 - 02/28/2025
CategoriesDigital Multi-Function Devices, Printers, Document Lifestyle Accessories & Services
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Supplier Information

Address100 Williams Drive
Ramsey, NJ 07446


Cooperative Purchasing through the AEPA provides value for members by leveraging national purchasing power vs. local or regional. It provides for increased efficiencies by eliminating duplication in the procurement process allowing schools to focus on core efforts rather than spending time and resources on the purchasing process. Volume discounting allows members to meet their budgetary constraints resulting in higher product satisfaction and cost savings. Cooperative contracts offer members the opportunity to buy the products they want, from the vendor they like to do business with, at a competitive price while adhering to the procurement laws of their state.