Just Right Reader


Decodable readers aligned with the Science of Reading for Pre-K to 5th Grade students using a scope and sequence to create a phonics progression that builds foundational skills. 

Contract Information

Cooperative NameKY AEPA
Contract NameSchool & Instructional Supplies
Contract NumberAEPA Bid 023.D
Lead AgencyGRREC
Contract Term01/01/2023 - 02/28/2025
CategoriesSchool & Instructional Supplies

Supplier Information

Address750 N Saint Paul St.,
Ste 250, PMB 98000,
Dallas, Texas 75201-3206


3% Discount 

Pricing and How to Order

Pricing is available in our Just Right Reader The Science of Reading Decodables. Orders can be placed via phone, email or fax. 


  • How long does shipping take? 2-4 weeks depending on the volume of orders. 
  • What type of support do you offer once we receive our decodables? We provide an implementation and quick-start guide aligned with any current core curriculum. 
  • Can I receive a sample of your decodables? Yes - you can order a set of free decodables on our website at: https://justrightreader.com/pages/request-a-sample