Daktronics, Inc.


Daktronics is recognized worldwide as a leader in the large electronic display industry.

We design, manufacture, sell, and provide services for a variety of display products in four primary markets: large sports, small sports, commercial and transportation.

Large sports include colleges and universities, professional teams and facilities, sports federations, and international events. Small sports include schools and park and recreation departments. Commercial includes financial institutions, hotels and motels, gaming, auto dealers, convenience stores, shopping centers and other retail embellishments. Transportation includes display systems for state and city departments of transportation, mass transit systems, airlines and airports, and bus terminals.

Daktronics was founded in 1968 by two professors from South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD. We employ more than 3,000 employees. One-third of our employees are college students. One sixth of our employees live in regional locations.

As a manufacturer and technical contractor, Daktronics markets standard display products and customized display systems. We believe that our engineering capabilities are second to none in the industry, and we believe in ongoing product development to find new applications for our products and services, and expand the market.

Daktronics stock is traded on NASDAQ under DAKT.

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Contract Term12/06/2023 - 02/28/2025
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Address201 Daktronics Dr.
Brookings, SD 57006




Daktronics offers the broadest selection of display and ancillary products to the Education Market: Scoreboards, Indoor & Outdoor Video Displays, Audio Systems, Timers & Clocks, and indoor and outdoor displays for Campus Communication.



People, products, services.

The Daktronics spirit is reflected in the products we build and the way we treat our customers. We believe technical innovation isn’t just judged by the electronic signs we build today, but by what we’ll build tomorrow.


Long-Term Commitment 

We are your long-term partner. Whether your system is standard or a never-been-done-before project, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality display to provide the ultimate fan experience. We focus on all the details to ensure everything runs smoothly from installation to the most important moments on game day. 



Every display – from the simplest scoreboard to the most complex, customized display – is built to last with the best components, assembled by us. Daktronics controls the entire process from product selection to installation, so we can make sure you get the best product for durability, performance and maximum visual impact. 


Our manufacturing process starts with the components and ends with final assembly. We vet every supplier, test every component to its limits and beyond, and assemble our displays right here in the United States. 


Student Focus 
At Daktronics, it’s a true passion to provide students unparalleled opportunities. It’s in our DNA. After all, Daktronics was founded by two university professors with a desire to give students meaningful work. That’s why we created DakClassroom, a three-part program includes the Event Production Curriculum, Show Control Education Edition and Crew Connect. This is the real reason for a video board.  



Daktronics was established in 1968 in Brookings, SD, by two engineering professors who wanted to keep talented students in the state by providing them with viable, challenging work. We continue to maintain our corporate and permanent manufacturing presence in the USA. 


We pioneered the first large-scale LED video display in 1997 – and have been producing indoor and outdoor LED display products ever since. In fact, we've produced and installed more LED display installations in the USA than all other competitors combined. 


In addition, our in-house testing, and image quality laboratories are used to constantly innovate and develop more robust and reliable LED video products for our customers.