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Focus on building relationships with the unsung heroes of any organization—the maintenance people in commercial facilities.



  • TIME: Time is a valuable resource; we do the research so that you don't have to. In today's fast paced work environments, few workers can take the time our of their day to research an old, unidentifiable part for an item number to place a reorder. We simply ask for photo of the part in question, and we'll do the research to locate it. 
  • MONEY: Our innovative inventory control solutions will improve workflow and organization, while reducing inventory loss. We strive to provide you with the best solution to your stockroom needs so you can spend less time searching for parts and more time solving issues and completing important tasks around your facility. 
  • CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT: Each month we introduce exciting new items. We handpick iems to bring you the latest industry standards. 
  • TRUST: Our 50+ sales representatives will go the extra mile to provide personalized service to every individual. Our sales representatives ensure customized catalogs, no charge stockroom conversions, and a quick response time to your needs. 

"My sales rep has always gone above and beyond, most recently with a vacuum breaker issue that was not something that a normal replacement set up as the parts manual states." 

"There are many times my sales rep has gone above and beyond. i regularly run into very hard to find parts I need. Most times, he knows exactly what I'm describing, and has no trouble finding the parts for me.



Contract Information

Cooperative NameKY AEPA
Contract NameAEPA Bid 023-A
Contract Number023-A
Lead AgencyGRREC
Contract Term06/01/2022 - 02/28/2025
CategoriesMaintenance, Repair and Operations
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Supplier Information
Address3039 Ventrie Ct.
Myersville, MD 21773




We are here to assist with: 

  • INVENTORY RESTOCKING: An account manager will visit your facility and take your orders to keep your inventory levels on par. 
  • STOCKROOM ORGANIZATION: We can examine stock rooms and suggest organizational assortment boxes and bins. We are able to create par levels for your stocked material and schedule reorders so that you are always fully stocked with the necessary products. 
  • ONLINE SHOPPING: We provide an online shopping experience with an extensive selection of maintenance and repair products from dozens of brands. Create favorites lists and save carts for easy reordering. 
  • SHOWING NEW PRODUCTS: Our account managers have samples of new items each month to bring in and show you. These items are selected and introduced with the intention of making your job quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. 



Pricing and How to Order


You can place an order via email, phone or mail.
Contact or 800.448.6710. You can send a PO to PO Box 30 Myersville, MD 21770.